CX Connector a virtual community helping businesses to find, compare and learn customer experience best practices all in one place with a simple process and great results

Find content for inspiration on how to do things, best practices, speakers and get to know customer experience professionals. Don’t know where to start? ask us how to design your customer experience program.

Virtual Support Online support for customer experience community and flexible support for cx consulting projects

Your community manager and facilitator, CX news commentator and curator, connecting virtual resources, technology and CX professionals all in one place

The approach is a fast Customer Experience (CX) program that delivers:

  1. Elevate customer experience by delivering on your promise, value proposition or brand positioning
  2. Provides customer insights to drive growth and deliver better services
  3. Shared knowledge with your teams to drive engagement and improve retention

Since our inception, we’re proud to say that in little time we have a long list of new clients.

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